Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday and YouTube

Hahahah... I bet you are wondering what Black Friday and YouTube have to do with each other... well, nothing, really... However, they are both two important things I want to cover in today's blog post.

I am excited that my blog is read by my friends in The Netherlands!!!! Thank you all!!!!

So there is no Thanksgiving in The Netherlands... hence, no Black Friday!

Today is Black Friday. It is the biggest shopping day of the year. Some of the department stores opened at 4am. The stores offer unbelievable savings on things for people who dare to get up and go to a store at that ungodly hour. A lot of analysis use this day as a predictor of how our economy is doing and what this holiday season will be for retailers. You will be able to hear about it on any news channel next week.

I am sooooo excited!!!!! I have been working on my YouTube videos and building my YouTube channels with the hopes and dreams of becoming a YouTube Partner. That means that YouTube will put ads on the screen when my videos are watched and I get checks in the mail! I completed an application to be a YouTube partner a year ago, but was turned down. My goal was to submit another application on January 1st. However, surprisingly, a couple of weeks ago I got an email from YouTube telling me that they were "sending me an invitation" to complete the paperwork. I completed it and today I found out that I am now a YouTube Partner. The ads are currently on 2 of my most watched videos.

It's all good I tell you... it's all good :-)


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Thanksgiving Holiday

It's been around 50 degrees (10C) the last couple of days and a drizzle of rain. The weather website indicates it will be like this through Friday and then the sun will return on Saturday and Sunday. The weather website indicates that snow will come on December 9th. We all know from past experiences that anyone can predict the weather, it's like betting horses. You make your best prediction and then see what happens.

Today it will be around 80 degrees (26C) in Woodland Hills, California, and well... it won't change much in the next 15 days.

A lot of people will be traveling today to get to that special place for tomorrow. As a general rule of thumb, I very very rarely travel during the holiday time. Because I am self-employed I have the luxury of traveling anytime so I don't need to do it when lots of other people only have that this time to do it.

My special guy and I are going to his mother's house tomorrow. I am bringing a traditional pecan pie from New Orleans. I love the Internet and I love Gambinos Bakery in Nawlins! I have ordered lots of cakes from Gambinos over the years and they are absolutely great!

Yesterday, I switched my summer clothes in the closet for winter clothes. This is something that I have never really done before because in Louisiana and California the winter is so mild you can get by with your summer clothes. Our attic is somewhat finished and there is a large rod for clothes, so I hauled all the summer things up there and brought all the sweaters downstairs.

The picture is of another absolutely beautiful tree I photographed in my neighborhood.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!


Monday, November 23, 2009

More Interesting Stuff from the Fair

Have you ever heard of "raindrop therapy"? I hadn't until yesterday. It's a combination of using essential oils and Reiki.

I also heard, for the first time, about quantum touch healing. Healing at the speed of light... which I think is wild!

I met this girl at the fair who gave psychic readings and she told me that she lived in Jim Thorpe borough, which is about 2 hours south from here, and that it was illegal for her to give readings there and that the City Council thought of it as paganism. I was surprised and asked her, "What year it is?" She said that there was a missing child and that she was thinking if she went to the police and offered up what she saw and helped them find the missing child that that might help the City Council to change the law. I wished her luck.

And in today's news.... my mother turns 85 years old today! I spoke with her this morning and she said that she has been telling people for years that at the age of 85 she was going to stop cutting her own grass. However, she looked out the window this morning and decided that it needs to be cut so she was going to go outside and cut it. She then said that she was now going to inform everyone that she would stop cutting her grass at the age of 90! My Mom is really the picture of health. She is a bit frail looking as older folks don't care to eat too much, and yes, she eats like a bird. She doesn't have arthritis. She does have a heart condition which is kept under control with medication. This morning she said that she thinks your memory goes with age.

It's 47 degrees (8.3C) right now and sunny, which means it's time to go for a walk!

The picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. These leaves were in my neighbors yard across the street. I love the colors!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Greetings from the Mind, Body & Spirit Fair

It's wild how two unexpected events seemed to creep out of the wood-work this month. First, the radio interview and now this show. Both events sought me out at the last minute to fill in for someone who couldn't make it.

The event here today is interesting. There are about 25 vendors, 5 of who are psychic readers and healers. Okay, so there is a guy here name Ted and I saw these women sitting at Ted's table and he was stroking and looking at their hair and I have never seen anything like this before. I am shocked. I spent 23 years in cutting-edge California and I have never seen a psychic reading someones hair. Hell, I didn't even know it existed. Ted walked over to my table, where I have all of my books displayed, and he told me that he does hair readings, he uses sight and touch. Okay, so suppose Teddie has a hair fetish and he is using "reading" as an excuse to get off on running his fingers through the women's hair. I mean... I haven't seen one guy sitting down to get a "hair reading" from Ted. I would love to see him running his fingers through a guys hair.

There are also a couple of people selling these drinks. One drink "Ningxia Red" claims that drinking one ounce contains the same vitamins as if you had eaten something like 2 tons of fresh vegetables a day. Okay, not 2 tons... but pretty damn close.

And there is another guy who is selling "Euforia" which also claims that drinking one ounce contains one ton of fresh vegetables. This is a start up company, this year, and he is really looking for people to purchase distributorships.

Then there are the candle, picture, crystal, incense selling vendors.

Do you know what a witch ball is? I am shocked that I had not heard of it before. Remember I AM FROM CALIFORNIA!!! Well, it is this big glass ball that you hang in a window and it absorbs all of the evil energy before it gets into your home. The lady selling them is on the side of me. And people are purchasing the witch balls. It's wild!

There is one girl who is next to me that is literally raking in the money. She actually has a waiting list at her table. She starts off doing Reiki and then goes into reading the tarot cards but says that she can get messages from the other side. She charges $40 for 15 minutes. That's like $160 an hour. That's wild! No one here is doing as well as she is.

It's all interesting... I tell you... very interesting.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

There Should be a Law...

No Christmas lights up before the Thanksgiving holiday! Thanksgiving is next week and for a week now I have been seeing more and more houses with Christmas lights. I just don't get it! There are lots of Thanksgiving decorations that can be up up. So when the family comes to Thanksgiving, does it feel like Thanksgiving, or Christmas?

Last night we drove through a little town just northeast of here and the town had Christmas lights up on the lamp post.

Don't get me wrong... some of these displays are spectacular and it's great that someone will go through the work and cost for something others enjoy seeing. It's just a bit too soon... if you ask me.

Okay so here's some CA and PA differences on holiday decorating. In California most people who decorate elaborate houses do not own the lights or do the decorating themselves. They actually rent the lights and the company that they rent them from comes out and installs them and removes them. Not everyone does it this way, but I know quite a few who do.

In a certain part of Beverly Hills/Bel Air area there is a law that you cannot put color Christmas lights on your house. The lights must be a gold type. And yes, these houses literally look like they are dripping in gold. It is truly an amazing thing to see. On the rare occasion that my Mom or other family members came to see me around Christmas I would take them to see the Bev Hills Christmas lights, McMansion after McMansion dripping in gold lights.

The picture is one that is going around the internet through email. Pretty funny.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Have You Ever Seen a Pink Tree?

Check out this hot pink tree. It looked so pretty against the white house. I have never ever seen a tree that color before. I think it is just wild!

I try to never leave home without my camera. I say "try" because 2% of the time... I do. And it is when I go to some unassuming place that I see something that is picture worthy. Yesterday I left home without my camera because I took the battery out and put it in the charger. Today the camera will go back into my purse. And when I go for a walk, the camera goes from my purse to my pocket.

My energy level feels a bit low today, like I might be catching a cold. It's time to amp up the vitamins. I have a recipe for this "Super Duper Auto Immune Boosting Soup"... in a box... in the attic. The recipe calls for 50 different vegetables and herbs. It takes hours to chop everything up and then hours to cook and you have a ton of it. The last time I cooked it, a few years ago, I had so much my freezer was filled and my friend, Robyn, came by and picked up a ton. I am thinking that a trip up into the attic to get the recipe might be what I should do. If anyone wants the recipe just say so in the comment box. I can't remember the last time that I got sick with the flu.... which is a good thing ;-)

I would love to stay in bed today and read all day! I am reading a great book called "The Monsters". It's a true story about how the story of Frankenstein came about. Talk about interesting.... it's wild!

As much as I would like to... staying in bed all day isn't an option for me today. Saturday and Sunday I have a table at a fair at the Ramada Inn. I will be selling my books and also be a guest speaker. I have 4 days to get an inventory of my books together, make fliers for the book specials and gather up my table decorations. I would love to get all of that done today... if not then by tomorrow and maybe I can spend Thursday or Friday lounging around.... reading a great book ;-)


Monday, November 16, 2009

Only 7 Weeks Left in 2009

It's hard to believe that in less than 2 months we will beginning a new year.

Yesterday we didn't make it to Worlds End State Park, instead we went to Ricketts Glen State Park. Driving along one of the roads in the mountain we saw about a dozen Amish, with their families loaded in their buggies. I couldn't tell where they were headed or where they had been. People waved to them as the buggies went by.

The weather is beautiful. It is suppose to be sunny and in the 60's (15C) this week. Next week the high is suppose to be in the 50's (10C) and on November 28th the weather website is predicting snow and then the high for the week will be in the 40's (4C). The weather sounds reasonable to me, after all we still have 5 weeks till it is officially winter (December 21st).

It's funny because last month the weather was gorgeous and everyone kept telling me "Just wait until next month, November, it gets really nasty." Yipppeee... I got lucky. November turned out to be a beautiful weather month too!

I woke up with the urge to write again. Not a strong urge just more like a thought. 2007 was the massive writing year for me. I got lots of books out into the world. I have been asked quiet often, "What are you working on? Are you writing?" And I am flattered when asked those questions. My thoughts have been that I really don't want to begin writing until the weather does get nasty. Then I will have nothing to focus my energies on except writing. Right now everything here is still very new to me and I want to get out and see and experience it all.

I took this picture last week. I think you'll agree, this beautiful tree just stood out from the rest.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

What to Blog About....

Hey it's funny.... I woke up this morning thinking about what I was going to blog about. I turned on the computer and ran across Louise Hay's blog.

In case you don't know who Louise Hay is.... well, she is this woman who healed herself from cancer like decades ago and wrote the book "You Can Heal Yourself" which has sold like a zillion trillion copies.

Anyway, I ran across her blog and she wrote about eating fish, how often she eats fish, and how much she loves eating fish and about how taking the entire bone out of a fish in one piece is right up there with the ultimate sexual experience, or seeing god, or something unbelievable.

And then I thought..... "Well, alrighty, that takes any pressure off of me to write something brilliant!"

I noticed that a few of the people in the neighborhood like to write notes and put them on their front doors. A couple of blocks away there is a note on a door that reads, "If you are any member of your family has been sick for more than one week, please visit my phone. Thanks, Linda." And then there is another one that says, "Chris - stay off of the porch and wait in the truck -". I never saw notes like this in Louisiana or California. I think it's wild!

Okay, confession time... I hear sirens almost every day here. It's only once a day vs. the 6+ times I would hear them in California on a daily basis. The sirens I hear here are firetrucks. I Googled "Pennsylvania Fires" and well... they have a lot of them here.

The fire that burned 4 buildings in the next block started by a "kitchen mishap". The newspaper article said that something fell off of the stove and set the wall on fire. Well, I am wondering, "Why would anyone be cooking at 4:00 in the morning?" I would bet my money on drunk college kids.

Remember the picture I posted about 3-4 weeks ago of the beautiful mountain covered with multi-colored trees? Well, here is what it looks like now. It's not cold here yet. We are thinking of going hiking at Worlds End State Park.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

We're All Connected In Some Way

Today's blog is about how we are all connected in some strange way, even if there is distance in where we live.

Upon moving to Pennsylvania I had the opportunity to learn Reiki. Reiki is energy movement. My Reiki instructor said that use of the word "healing" is not encouraged as you aren't healing you are moving blocked energy which could prevent healing.

I posted on my FaceBook that I was now a Reiki Level II practitioner. My neighbor, from when I lived in California, responded to my post and asked if I had heard of Reconnection Healing. I had not heard of it before but checked it out and it is similar to Reiki.

On another page of my life, a friend from California, sent me an email saying that she wrote a book and would like to know if I would read it and post a review on amazon (remember that's what I do). BTW, her book is "Get Clear. Get Connected. Get a Job" by Lin Morel. So naturally, I did.

Then I got an email from someone who knows my friend asking if I would read and review her book and so I did ;-). Her book is "Chakra Power!" by Harriette Knight. Well, I was looking around on Harriette's website because she makes this amazing jewelry and I noticed she does healing and I looked further and she does Reconnective Healing.

Like Wow! 3 months ago I had no idea what Reconnective Healing was. But because my friend, in California, (Big shout out to ya Gail!) responded to a post that I had about Reiki, mentioning Reconnective Healing, I knew what it was when I saw it on Harriette's website.

That kind of stuff is wild to me. I know that there are a lot of people who think that this is just random stuff that happens and doesn't mean anything. However, it doesn't happen all that random in my life. It actually happens like all the time! I literally have collected a ton of personal experiences about how one little unassuming thing or event could be connected to another unassuming thing or event and how one connection adds value to the other connection. Call me crazy or weird... this is the world I live in.

I took this picture yesterday. One lone colored leaf who hasn't given in to changing like the others...


Well, I was looking on the website of the

Friday, November 13, 2009

Italian Fruitcake

Have you ever had Italian fruitcake? It's called Panettone. You can find it in Whole Foods grocery, or a store that carries speciality foods like Ross or Marshalls. It's not like the traditional American fruitcake.

American fruitcake was invented in 1913 and made primarily to be delivered through the mail. You either like it or you hate it. I personally think it's okay. I can eat it.. it's just not my favorite. In 1935 nuts were added to the American fruitcake.

The Italian fruitcake is a fluffier cake with not as many candied fruits in the batter. I had my piece for breakfast this morning and highly suggest you check it out if you haven't already.

This week 2 friends in California asked "When are you coming back?" I personally was a little shocked by this question. I responded, "I have no immediate plans on coming back." And there was a long silent pause. I then said, "The plane flies both ways." And got a rash of excuses as to why they could not fly to the east coast. Which I thought was pretty funny.

Half of me feels as if I should be doing something right now. Something, anything, to move forward in my life. Like look for a home to purchase, which I don't want to do till the spring time. Learn and perfect my Italian, I know that there is more than enough time for that.

And then the other half of me knows that this feeling, like I should be doing something. is part of what is left over from living in California, where everyone is doing, doing, doing, doing. My goal is to live part of my life in Italy. I know, from my visits there, that no one does anything. The only place in the United States where you will experience a vibe similar to that of Italy is Key West, Florida. People just live to watch the sun rise and the beautiful sunsets and enjoy all day in between. People aren't running around doing, doing, doing.

I knew that I would never be able to move from California to Italy. The difference in the pace would have driven me crazy in no time. I feel that Pennsylvania is a good transition place for me to slow down. Relax, enjoy, be and create.

So I acknowledge that the restless feeling is left over from California and also acknowledge that I don't need to give into it, fight it, or resist it. It's there, it's normal, it's all good.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Busy Doing What?

This is a picture of my cat, Mario, on my laptop. For some strange reason Mario's favorite place to be is on my laptop. This is something new that has only begun within the last 30 days.

It's 52 degrees (11C) right now and a 50% chance of rain tomorrow and Saturday.

It's quiet here. I noticed that they have begun putting up Christmas holiday decorations on main street, which I think shouldn't be allowed. It's too soon. We haven't even had the Thanksgiving holiday. Yesterday I noticed green wreaths with big red bows hanging from the lamp post. I imagine that they will put lights up and I hope those don't go up before Thanksgiving.

Have you ever felt busy but at the end of the day you aren't sure what you have done? That is how I have been feeling for the last couple of weeks. My legal business is a little slow right now but that is understandable for this time of year and because of the economic times. I am not eBaying... so what is keeping me so preoccupied... well, I am doing a lot of reading. I have reviewed 350+ books on amazon which are also posted on my youtube channel ( I get sent a lot of free books to read. Today I received a children's book consisting of holistic stories. Reading the books, making and editing my video reviews and then posting them... well, I guess that takes up more time that I thought it did. Which isn't really a bad thing because I am working on building that youtube channel so that I can become a YouTube Partner.

A YouTube partner has ads placed on their channel and then you generate revenue when your videos are watched and when someone clicks onto an ad. Pretty easy money if you ask me. It just takes a lot of work to build a channel.... and well... I guess that is what I have been busy doing ;-)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time is Flying By

I have driven up behind one of these Amish buggies about 6 times. You really have to be careful coming over a hill.. they could be right on the other side galloping at about 3 miles per hour. The first time I was afraid to pass them as I didn't want the horse to get upset by a car being so close to him. I passed them and it was okay. I guess the horses are use to vehicles.

The weather here has been beautiful. Monday and Tuesday it was up to 70 degrees (21C), real shorts and t-shirt weather. Today it was in the 60's, nice fall weather.

We might get some rain tomorrow from tropical storm, Ida. I didn't realize that the rain from a tropical storm or hurricane could come all the way up here while traveling on land. I could see how it could come ashore here from the Atlantic.

Today was a holiday, Veterans Day. All state offices are closed, all banks are closed and there is no mail delivery. A non-work day. Stores conducted Veteran Day Sales and some towns even had Veteran Day parades. It's a sad day for anyone who has lost a friend or loved one in a war.

When I was a teenager we had "the draft". You didn't have a choice about going to war. If they picked you... you had to go. A lot of young men were fleeing to Canada to avoid "the draft". I have a friend from Israel and he said that everyone both men and women are required to serve 2 years in the military. This didn't mean you had to go to war. This meant that you would get some experience/training and if the country needed to fight a war everyone would have some sort of experience or training. I could go along with that. It doesn't seem out laddish to me.

Great News! My special guy found a Volkswagon dealership 20 minutes from where we live. Yippeee I didn't have to drive 2 hours this morning to get my car serviced. That was a great way to start the day!


Monday, November 9, 2009

A Sign you Won't see in California

This is the sign to warn you that there may be a horse drawn carriage just on the other side of the hill.

I had only heard about the Amish through the media. I have never seen any until moving here. The Amish here are mostly farmers. They do not permit electricity or telephone in their homes. They feel that access to these things would bring them in touch with the modern world which could taint them.

The Amish won't use tractors in the fields but they will use electric powered equipment to to milk the cows. Go figure.

The Amish don't like their picture taken. I could see how tourist might try to take their picture. And I can see how this would be an annoying invasion of privacy. However, their reasons are because they don't take any pictures. No pictures of their children growing up, no wedding pictures, none, nada, zippo. It's a Biblical thing with them... taking a picture is making a "graven image."

They wear plain clothes and are also known as "The Plain People". The women wear solid colored dresses with long sleeves and full skirts which hang right below the knee but before hitting the ankle. The women all wear capes and aprons. The women never cut their hair and most wear it in a bun. If a woman is married she wears a white cap on her head, if she is single she wears a black cap on her head. The women wear no jewelry (no watches, no wedding rings), perfume or makeup. The men where dark colored clothing. The men are not allowed to have mustaches. Once that a man gets married he grows a beard. Their beliefs keep them humble and separated from the rest of the world.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

Every morning I wake up and know what I am going to blog about. However, that doesn't necessarily mean it is going to happen.

First let's get the weather update out of the It's beautiful outside. The sun is shining, no clouds in the sky and I can hear the birds singing. It's 8:15am and 39 degrees (3.8C) right now, but it's going to warm up into the high 60's (20'sC).

Today is a hiking day! There are 120 state parks in Pennsylvania. I found a list on the Internet of the "20 Must See Parks". I have hiked 2 of them. I love love love the outdoors. And believe it or not, I didn't spend much time outdoors in California. The picture is of all of the different colored leaves I ran across while taking my 5 1/2 mile daily walk the other day. Unbelievably beautiful if you ask me.

Yesterday I did a 1 hour radio interview. I got an email from a friend on Thursday asking me if I could do the interview on Saturday. Of course I said "yes". I called the radio host and he said, "I can't talk right now, I'll call you back." He didn't call back until Friday afternoon. My first thought was "Great more exposure about my stuff." And my second thought was, "I can't do this, there isn't enough time to get it all together to send to him." I figured I would go with the first thought and see if there really wouldn't be enough time. Well, it was down to the wire and you can tell that this show was thrown together at the last minute. He did apologize for not being up on his game and said that I was a last minute guest. Click here to hear the interview.

Enjoy the day!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Changes in the Air

This picture was taken about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I love the mirror affect that I got in the water.

The scenery has changed. Weather permitting my special guy and I take a 5 1/2 mile walk everyday. This picture was taken on one of the walks, it is of the Susquehanna River. Next week I will take a picture from this same spot and you will see the difference.

I can feel the weather beginning to change. This morning I had to run to the drug store at 8:30 am. I noticed ice on my car, it was 38 degrees (3.3C).

Upon my return we went for our daily walk. The sun came out while we were walking. The high today was 51 degrees (10.5C). This afternoon the clouds rolled in and it began to rain. I had heard that there was a chance for snow flurries. I didn't see any. It only rained for about 30 minutes and then the sun actually came out again.

I really wish I had a fireplace. A log would have been in there for sure. Since I don't have a fireplace I decided to make a pot of Vegetable Chowder. A good hearty soup for a cold day. I like cooking because I don't have to do it all the time. In facts, my special guy does 95% of the cooking. He is a great cook and really enjoys it. I am a lucky girl!!!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Check out the Size of this Leaf

Yesterday I was walking along the Susquehanna River and I saw this leaf and I just couldn't believe the size of it. All of the surrounding leaves seemed normal size, except for this one. Needless to say, I had to bring it home with me and take this picture for you ;-)

As you can see... the leaves have begun to change to brown. From green to gold and red and then to brown.

And the trees are looking quite different as they are beginning to look bare.

The weather is still very much fall like sweater weather. It looks like we might not get any cold weather for the next 15 days or so. Sunny, cool days for now. Yipppeeee. Don't get me wrong, I still want winter to come, it's just these "fall" days are new to me, you don't experience this in California.

Hey the Amish are also very new to me. I have only heard of them through the media. Now I see them up close and will write and tell you about them.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ghost Update

Okay so I found out it wasn't the ghost that was messing with my hair conditioner. I was telling my special guy about the event (the hair conditioner on the drain) that lead me to believe, without a shadow of doubt, that their are ghost here.

He began laughing and said that it was him, it fell and he was too lazy to pick it up. Okay, to me, that statement is as out there as it may sound to say that their are ghost here. Him "not picking something up" is just not his style. This is the guy who goes behind me to make sure that all the cabinet drawers are pushed in completely.

And by the way, I have a good excuse for not pushing them in ALL the way. This is an old house and especially the bathroom cabinets that are built in, they are solid wood, heavy, old and sometimes it sticks out about 1/8th of an inch, okay or maybe a 1/2 inch. This kind of stuff doesn't bother me... but does him. Hence our differences... me female.. he

The weather is beginning to get cooler. It is 39 degrees (3.8C) right now and it is 7:45am. The high today will be 55 degrees (12.7C). In Woodland Hills, California it is in the high 60's (20C) and it will be going up into the 90's (38.8C).

I took this picture 2 nights ago. Can you see the full moon? This is one block from where I live. The church bells ring on the hour and randomly during the day the church bells play various songs.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Haunted Houses

I have thought, and still think, that the house I live in is being occupied by someone other than me, my special guy and our 5 cats. Yes, I think some ghost also stays here.

I thought this from the beginning, however, now I am convinced of it. In the beginning, I would hear walking around at night. Then I would hear banging of something at night. Recently, my office door has been open when I get up in the morning. I like to close it to keep the cats out. The first few times, I thought I wasn't closing it good enough. So I made sure it was closed only to find it opened in the morning.

Around 7:00 or 8:00 pm the pipes in the shower made a weird noise. The shower is mainly used in the morning here. So like 12 hours later the pipes are making this loud gurgling noise. And it happens around the same time just about every day. It's weird.

Well, this morning I got up and I was puttering around in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower and I was thinking about the ghost who is here and I pull back the shower curtain and there is my conditioner laying on the drain. The reason that this is so weird, is that this conditioner sits in a stand in the back of the shower about 3 feet from the tub. There is just no way it could have fallen out of the rack, unless it jumped out, or someone was playing with it to see if I noticed.

I have talked to my neighbors and I said, "I think that my house might be haunted", and they say, "Yea, could be, there are lots of houses like this in this area. These are really old homes." The way that they say it is like it is part of life, no big deal, very casual.

Before moving my belonging in here I went through the house burning sage in every room with the intent that nothing here could cause harm to anyone dwelling here. I mean, after all, who am I to make them go away I am thinking that it might be time to make another run through the house with sage.

The picture is of a goth looking house that is on 5th Street about 6 blocks from where I live. I absolutely love the look of this house. It sits on a large lot and has a swimming pool. I would love a house just like this in the middle of the woods.