Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rolling Blackouts

Living in California offered me an opportunity to experience "rolling blackouts".

They occurred from May 2000 to September 2001. Because California's population increased by 13% during the 1990s, the state did not build any new major power plants during that time. Also because of the heat, people were using more electricity and it put a strain on the grid. You weren't warned when you would be without electricity. You would just be working and all of a sudden the power would go off and it would be off for a few hours. A lot of businesses complained that big equipment could be damaged if the power went off while it was in use. Businesses would just lock their doors and put a sign on the door "closed to rolling blackout". You knew if the street signals weren't working that for sure all the stores would be closed.

Countries such as Africa, Nepal, Pakistan and a few others are use to rolling blackouts. California is the only state in the US that experienced them. That's wild!

The thing that got me to thinking about the rolling blackouts is that I have heard the heat is now in the triple digits in Woodland Hills, where I moved from.

The warmest weather I have experienced here is 90 degrees. Yep, we have humidity but I don't mind. My skin welcomes the moisture. I feel that is much better than drying up to a crisp and blowing away...lol...lol...lol...

I didn't have a picture of a rolling blackout...lol...lol.. and was lucky enough to find this beautiful rose to share with you.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I was walking one evening and I saw this bright light flash by. I didn't say anything cause I thought maybe my eyes were tried and playing tricks on me.

The next night my special guy and I were walking and he said "The fireflies are out tonight." Which made me ask, "What's that?" Then he explained that the little flashes of light that I saw were from the fireflies. I had never seen a firefly before.

They look like flies except that they can light up their butts. How cool is that?

The thing for kids to do is catch them and put them in a jar. When the jar is shaken the firefly lights up his butt. They're are super cool to see.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Everything Comes out of Storage Today!

Yipppeee! I am once again moving forward with my life and it feels real real good.

In a couple of hours I will pick up a uhaul truck and empty out my furniture. It'll be a long day.

I woke up this morning thinking about the rain. I really really love it. And I was thinking about how the majority of people in California "hate" the rain. And I was thinking about how every year that goes by it rains less and less in California.

And then I was thinking .... "Could the lack of rain in California be because of the collective consciousness and/or the collective unconscious?"

It's been proven time and time again that a group of people sharing the same thought can in facts control a situation.

Have you heard of the "Intention Experiment"? Check it out. A collective group using their thoughts and the power of their minds to heal the world.

You gotta read this article about this little black box that scientist are studying because they think it can predict the future. It's part of the Global Consciousness Project.

Can you see what is happening here? For a long time mystics and scientist were divided. Mystics knew things and produced outcomes without a scientific formula. For a scientist, everything must have a formula. Trust me on this one... I live with a Mathematician. Mystics believe in everything they can't see and scientist only believe in what they can see. Now, at this place in time, the scientist are being forced to look at what the mystics have been saying all along. I think it's great. Scientist may not be able to say that something is absolute without a formula and it's okay, just the way that they are, and now they definitely can't say something isn't so because their isn't a formula.

Back to the rain in California... oh, I mean.. lack of rain in California. If what I have written is true.... it will not change. People in California will not change their thought pattern for more rain.. remember they don't like the rain.

You can blame it on global warming... but then again... was it a collective consciousness or uncollective consciousness that is actually causing global warming? Hummm...... just some food for thought.

The picture is of me playing with silly sting. The picture was taken at an angle where the light made the pink string look like a string of light.


Friday, July 17, 2009

The Creative Juices Are Flowing Again!!!

Well, I should be packing up to move and I have actually moved some clothes. It's just that I still have another 2 weeks before I can work at my new place (before phone lines and Internet will be working) so I am taking my sweet time.

Slowing down a bit also got my creative itch going.

I have a YouTube channel entitled "ReaderOfEverything", it is also my name on amazon. I have reviewed 350 books to date. My 290th review was my first video review. All reviews have been video since then as I can post them on amazon and my book review YouTube channel. My latest review is of my friend, Lin Morel's book "Get Clear. Get Connected. Get a Job." It's a super good little book and highly recommened. {Click the title to see the video review.}

I have also posted a new video on my FactualShit YouTube channel. This channel is designed to give short informative videos about actual factual shit that is happening in our world that people seem to miss. Those little things tend to jump out at me. Yesterday I posted a FactualShit video on Infinite Jest. {Click on Infinite Jest to see the video.}

The FactualShit channel is also used to promote my t-shirts. Yes, I also have a t-shirt website. I created this website a few years ago. The sayings, which I have trademarked, are meant to empower you and/or get you thinking. {Click on t-shirts to go to the site.}

If that weren't enough.... I had been thinking for the last few months about starting a new YouTube channel. Thing is... I have 3 right now and well.... I was a bit hesitant to start another however... the idea just wouldn't go away. So yesterday I designed my new YouTube channel and as soon as I post the Introduction (what it will be about), I'll let you know.

The picture is of me opening a Christmas gift in Australia last December. Yep, that's how we do it after having a cocktail.


Monday, July 13, 2009

I am Moving Again!!!

Friday after posting my intentions of finding a place to live I got in the car and drove to Bloomsburg, which is about 45 minutes from Wilkes-Barre.

I picked up the tiny local newspaper and went to Applebees for lunch. I read through the ads and circled the ones that looked interesting. I called a couple and left messages (never got calls back). I saw this ad: Bloomsburg: Fine brick in-town 2-story. 3 BR, French doors, HdWd, tile, built-ins, 3 porches. All appls. $.

I called and began talking to the lady who owns it. Since Bloomsburg is a University town lots of renters are students. She asked me if I was going to attend the University. I told her probably. She asked me how long I would be attending the University before graduating. I didn't realize that she was trying to figure out if I was a conventional student. I told her I might attend the University until I die and never get a degree in anything, and I was laughing a bit. She... on the other hand... wasn't laughing... she said in a nice polite voice, "So how will you pay the rent?" And that's when I told her that I have a solid 16 year old business and I also told her my age. I could hear a sigh of relief in her voice. We agreed to meet at the property and I walked through it. It is really big and really beautiful. It's 2 blocks off of Main Street. So I can really walk everyplace I need to go.

My lease begins August 1st, however she left me a message yesterday and said that the place was all ready and I could come and pick up the keys any time I wanted and begin moving in.

I am super excited about getting settled for a while. I will resume my property search in the Spring as ultimately I want to own something.

So now the process of moving my business again begins. I really have this dialed in so it isn't really a hassle. Just a matter of putting the time in to do it.

The picture is of a sign I made when I lived in my old apartment in Woodland Hills. My apartment was at the end of a grassy cull-de-sac. Everyone who had a dog would walk them to to that spot to relieve themselves. It looked like a dog toilet outside and every time I would open the door to walk out to check my mail these huge lethargic flies would come into my apartment. I hated it. They were suppose to pick up after their dog and the apartment complex even had poles put up with plastic bags for them to use. One day I just couldn't take it any more and I made my sign. Guess what? My sign worked. It was up for 7 days until someone took it down and immediately after putting it up you could see a difference.


Friday, July 10, 2009

I Can't Believe it's Already Friday!

Where did the week go?

I have been busy doing work related stuff this week and looking at homes here and there.

I really feel that I am not finished with my move. I feel like I am 3/4 finished. I am here in Wilkes Barre and feel as if my life is pretty much on hold until the next move. I want to live in Bloomsburg as I want to attend that University and like the feel of the town.

The picture is of a note I use to have in the guest bathroom at my old apartment in Woodland Hills, California. There were these two huge spiders living in the bathroom and my friends would come over and tell me that I had spiders in my bathroom and ask if I wanted them to kill them. The spiders never bothered me, so I didn't want anyone to bother them, hence the note.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yesterday I Turned 51 years old!

I guess I am like everyone else in respects to the fact that I never thought I would ever live to be 50 years old. Not that I live dangerously, just that 50 sounds sooooo old.

And guess what? 51 sounds even older.. lol..lol..lol...

I felt a bit of a shift in my energy last year when I turned 5o years old. It was as if I could now take my foot off of the gas-peddle-of-life and just coast the rest of the way. I thought to myself, "I have done everything I wanted to do in this lifetime, so every day from now on is a bonus."

I think that is what is very sad about a life cut too short. I personally know two people who passed away this year and both I felt were lives cut too short. The reason I say this is because I know that both of these individuals still had things that they wanted to accomplish and experience in this lifetime and they didn't get to. To me that's just sad. Life should be lived ... not wasted, wished away or preserved.

The picture of me was taken last night at my birthday dinner with my special guy.

The picture of the cake was my birthday cake I had last year. It was by far the prettiest cake I have ever had and I got it for myself. I had been looking at it for a year before my birthday and I decided that I would have to have that cake for my 50th birthday.