Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weather Languages

Right now it is the same temperature here, in Bloomsburg, PA, that it is in Jaspter, TX.... which is 21 degrees (-6.1C).

The snow stopped here yesterday evening. Right now the sun is peaking out from between the clouds.

I woke up to the sound of, what sounded like a zillion birds, flying by, yapping away. Really I thought that all the birds had migrated down south. Go figure...

Last night I heard the weather man say, "This cold snap will only last a couple more days and then it will warm up." A "cold snap" is unseasonably cold weather. Are they saying that down south? Surely they are getting unseasonably cold weather. I wonder what lingo they are using down there.

I also realized that I will not hear the hear the weather man say the words "coastal eddy". This is said a lot in the spring and summer in California, when the clouds roll in and sit along the coast. It is a big contributor to the "June gloom" in California.

June gloom is just what it sounds like.... overcast gloomy days. No sun shine! Bet you never thought that could happen in California? I lived in the San Fernando Valley which is surrounded by mountains so the June gloom did not make it to my side of the hill. If you lived in a beach community, such as Santa Monica, Playa del Rey, Marina del Rey, even inland to Beverly Hills, you inevitably experienced those days.

Stay warm everyone ;-)


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