Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Friend Does Remote Healing

I am fortunate enough to have crossed paths with the amazing Harriette Knight. Once you have any sort of communications with Harriette you will realize what a special, real, genuine, individual she is. She is one of the most amazing, loving people I have ever met. There is nothing fake or phony about her which makes it all the more refreshing to know her. Did you get it? She's amazing!!!!!!

She makes "one-of-a-kind" healing jewelry.

She also does remote healing known as Reconnective Healing.

She is super-psychic! I mean she is soooooo accurate that it is amazing.

I had her do a remote healing session on me this past week. Before the healing she'll tell you something about you that she or anyone would not know, so that you know she is connecting with you. Then she'll tell you a time that you are to lay down in a comfortable place for approximately 30-40 minutes. During this time you are to close your eyes and relax, but pay attention to your breathing, what you are feeling in your body and/or in the room. During that time she is healing your mind, body and spirit and receiving messages to pass on to you. At the end you talk to her again and she gives you your messages. She is soooo amazingly accurate. I just can't stress this enough. She is super reasonably priced at $150 US dollars per session.

You really need to take a look at her website which contains a wealth of information. She has horoscope information, an online store, a blog, articles, interviews, healing music, daily wisdom and books! She is the author of "Chakra Power! How to Fire up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life" and "Easy Art From the Heart". Both of these I have read and both are super good!

I love Wednesday evenings cause I can hear Harriette doing her magic on the Psychic Tee BlogTalkRadio Show. You can call in and get one questioned answered for free. I love hearing how right on they are when they are talking to the callers. It's so much fun!

I sincerely hope that everyone gets to experience a healing from Harriette Knight. Don't you think this is an amazing way to begin 2010?



  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dottie. I am completely humbled by your words. To be able to do healing sessions is a gift that I treasure, and I am so happy you had the opportunity to experience it. Many, many blessings.
    Love, Harriette

  2. Wow, this does sound amazing!!! Espacially for someone interested in these kind of healing powers! Someone like me :-D Thnx for sharing!!