Sunday, January 17, 2010

Road Signs You SHOULD See in California

I was surprised to see these road signs (except the big one) here in Pennsylvania, especially since we don't have nearly as many people driving on the roads as they do in Los Angeles, California.

These signs should be posted every couple of feet in California. Every year you hear about people who get shot at while driving. Yep, they probably inadvertently cut someone off and then someone pulls a gun and shoots them.

It makes me wonder "What happened here in Pennsylvania for the road authorities to think that it was necessary to put a sign up like this?"

Other unusual street signs that I noticed were in Philadelphia. On the freeway there are signs that say "Main Street exit 8/10th of a mile" or "Forelone Avenue 9/10th of a mile". In Los Angeles it would say "Main Street exit 1/4 of a mile" or "Forelone Avenue 1/2 of a mile." What's with all these weird fractions of a mile?

Check out the "High D.U.I. Crash Area" sign. Must have been a lot of drunk drivers crashing where that sign is posted.

There should be a sign"High D.U.I. Route" posted on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. It seems like every celebrity that has been stopped for driving under the influenced was driving on PCH in Malibu.

The super big picture of the road rage sign is one that is posted in Australia because of the problem with aggressive drivers and episodes of road rage. I really think that this sign is necessary in Los Angeles. Road rage is such a big thing in Los Angeles that they have lawyers who specialize in it. Click here to read more about road rage and cyclist road rage (yep, people riding bikes and getting pissed off and fighting).


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